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Owe back taxes to the IRS and not sure what to do?

When you have an outstanding tax liability it can be overwhelming, especially if you owe a lot or the liability was unexpected.  And really, no one wants to hear from the IRS. But if you do get a letter from them, and aren't sure what to do, we can help.

We are local CPA's with decades of experience dealing with these matters.   We provide personal face to face service with no fees up front.  During a free consultation, we'll evaluate your situation to see if you are a candidate for a settlement, otherwise known as an Offer in Compromise.  Once we determine if you are a candidate, there's only a minimal retainer to get the work underway and to have representation so you're not doing this alone.  

A word of caution — on television, you've probably seen the ads that claim to be able to minimize your tax liabilities and have to write them a check for a substantial retainer before they do anything.  Do yourself a favor and call us first to make sure you're not being taken advantage of.  Don't be fooled by the nonstop national advertising used by these companies.

Since 1994, we've been providing accounting, business consult, and tax preparation for our neighbors on the MS Gulf Coast.  If you have tax trouble or liabilities, and want assistance from people you can trust, please give us at call at: 228-467-5744


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