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 Fee Schedule

At Gerald W. Rigby, CPA, PC, we're upfront with our fees.  We offer superior service at affordable rates without any surprises.  Take a look below and feel free to contact us for a free quote specific to your situation.

Personal tax

Individual Tax Prep

Below please find a list of our new client fees per schedule and/or form.  All tax returns include online filing of federal and one state return with one-on-one consultation at no additional cost.

Base Form:
Form 1040 - For single
Form 1040 - For married, filing jointly
Form 1040 - For high school student/dependent
Form 1040 - For college student
Form 1040 - For young adult, single, no dependents
Income Forms:
W-2 - Income from employer
$10/W-2 after two
Schedule B - Interest & dividend income
$5-10 per item
Schedule C - Self employment income
Schedule D - Gains & losses
Schedule E - Rental income
$75 per property
Form K-1 - Partnership income
Form K-1 - S-corp income
Form 1099-G - Unemployment compensation
Form 1099-MISC - Other income, etc.
$10 per item
Form 1099-R - IRA, federal & state retirement
Form 1099-SSA - Social security
$10 per item
Form W-2G - Gambling winnings
$10 per form
Deductions - AGI:
Adjustment to Gross Income (AGI)
Educator expenses - Thank you to our teachers!
Student loan interest
HSA (health savings account)
IRA deductions
Self-employed health insurance
Charitable donations (non-itemized)
Form 4684 - Casualty losses (storm damage)
QBI - Qualified business income deduction
Itemized Forms:
Schedule A (Itemized deductions) - Federal & state
Schedule A (Itemized deductions) - State only
Credit Forms:
Child tax credit
$10 per child
Child and dependent care credit
Earned income credit
$25 - 45
Education credit
$15 - 25
Residential energy credit
Savers credit
State Filings:
State filing - one state
State filing - additional states
$40 per state

With all of these forms, what applies to me?


Example 1:

Married couple is filing jointly (Form 1040)          $250

One is self-employed (Schedule C)                         $75

With self-employed health insurance                    $15

Two children (child tax credit)                                  $20

One child in daycare (childcare credit)                  $25
Their entire return would cost:                               $385




Example 2:

Filing single (Form 1040)                                          $200

With one rental property (Schedule E)                  $75

Some gambling winnings (W-2G)                           $10

QBI - qualified business income deduction         $25

Casualty losses from storm damage (4684)        $65
Her entire return would cost:                                  $375



business tax

Business Tax Prep

We welcome new business owners that are interested in having their taxes prepared with us. 


Below please find a list of our fees per schedule and/or form.  All tax returns include one-on-one consultation at no additional cost.  However, the tax prep fees do not include QuickBooks review and adjustment to financial statements prior to completing the business return.  This review service is available at $125/hour and most new business clients require one to fours hours of review and adjustment depending on the accuracy and completeness of your QuickBooks. 


Give us a call to schedule a time to go over your business tax prep needs. 

Business Tax Prep
1065 — LLC Partnership
1120-S — S Corp
1120 — C Corp
Business Accounting

Business Accounting Services

Coaching, consulting, and advisory services are available on a monthly, quarterly or one-time basis.  See what we all offer in our services page.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Monthly Services

We provide bookkeeping and accounting services on a monthly basis.  Bookkeeping fees are based upon transaction volume.  


Accounting fees are based upon hourly rates: $95 - 125/hour


New Business

Entity Formation

Entity formation fee $275, includes: 

  • Consultation

  • Certification of formation, (client pays secretary of state directly $50), EIN application, operating agreement.

  • Includes all necessary LLC corporate documents 

Small business consulting


Tax coaching & questions: $125/hour


Small business consulting: $125/hour

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