Fee Schedule

At Gerald W. Rigby, CPA, PC, we're glad to be upfront with our fees.  We offer superior service at affordable rates without any surprises.  Take a look below and feel free to contact us for a free quote specific to your situation.

Individual Tax Prep for Tax Year 2020

Below please find a list of our fees per schedule and/or form.  All tax returns include on-line filing of federal and one state return with one-on-one consultation at no additional cost.


Base filing fee for Form 1040

$50 - $150

Schedule B (Interest income)

$5 per item

Schedule C (Self employment income)


Schedule D (Gains & losses)


Schedule E (Rental income)


Form K-1 (Partnership income)


Form K-1 (S-corp income)


Form 1099-G (Unemployment compensation)


Form 1099-MISC (Other income, BP claim, etc)

$10 per item

Form 1099-R (IRA, federal & state retirement)


Form 1099-SSA (Social security)

$10 per item

Form W-2G (Gambling winnings)


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*Schedules B, C, D, and E may have higher fees depending on volume or number of transactions.


**Above rates do not include fees (approximately $15) for additional forms that may be required per the Affordable Care Act. 


Adjustment to Gross Income (AGI)

Educator expenses


Student loan interest


HSA (health savings account)


IRA deductions


Form 3903 (moving expenses)


Self-employed health insurance


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Itemized Deductions:

Schedule A (Itemized deductions)


Form 2106 (Employment expenses)


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*No additional fee for standard deduction.



Overwhelmed with applying for Economic Injury Disaster Loan or the Paycheck Protection Program?  Call our office to schedule an appointment 228-467-5744. 

EIDL - $125 for application preparation, submittal, and consult.

PPP - $250 for initial application preparation, submittal, and consult.

PPP will require an additional appointment and fee to apply for loan forgiveness. 

With all of these forms, which applies to me? 


For example:

Married couple is filing jointly (Form 1040)     $150

One is self-employed (Schedule C)                   $100

 With self-employed health insurance                $10 Two children (child tax credit)                             $10

One child in daycare (childcare credit)              $25
Their entire return would cost:                         $295



Another example:

    Married couple is filing jointly (Form 1040)     $150

Investment income from 5 sources (Schd. B)    $25
Sale of two stocks (Schedule D)                            $50 Two rental properties (Schedule E)                      $75

With retirement income (form 1099-R)               $15

Social Security benefits for 2 (Form 1099-SSA)  $25
Their entire return would cost:                           $340


Child tax credit


Child and dependent care credit


Earned income credit


Education credit


Residential Energy Credit


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State Filings:

One state

included with fee

Additional state filing

$25/ each additional state

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Monthly Services

We provide bookkeeping and accounting services on a monthly basis.  Bookkeeping fees are based upon transaction volume.  


Accounting fees are based upon hourly rates: $85-95/hour


New Business

Entity Formation

Entity formation fee $275, includes: 

  • Consultation

  • Certification of formation, (client pays secretary of state directly $50), EIN application, operating agreement.

  • Includes LLC corporate kit with all necessary documents 

Small business consulting


QuickBooks setup & training: $75/hour


Tax coaching & questions: $95/hour


Small business consulting: $115/hour